5 Travel Resolutions For The New Year

Travel resolution to travel more

Do you normally make resolutions for the new year? This is not my normal practice, but after these past few months, I felt the need this year to make a few travel resolutions to take into 2021.

I know few words can sum up the impact this past year has had on all of us. For those of us in the travel industry, 2020 was certainly unprecedented.  And while there is still so much uncertainty about what the future holds for 2021, especially for the travel industry, I am ready to move forward into the new year with hopes that the world will be open to exploring very soon!  Let me share these top travel resolutions that I am taking with me as we head into this new year:


It is easy to get caught up with ticking destinations off a “bucket list.” We sometimes need a reminder that our vacation is not the “Amazing Race.”  In 2021, I will focus more on each experience rather than trying to see it all.  I will travel at a slower pace and veer off the beaten path, visiting the places the locals hang out to get an authentic feel for the area I am seeing. This year, I will try things that I never dreamed of doing. I will walk slower, absorbing the scenery around me. It’s a beautiful world that we live in, and sometimes I take that for granted. 


Iconic New England lighthouse

Speaking of taking things for granted, sometimes I am so focused on all the places I want to see that I forget I am blessed to live in such a beautiful area.  One of the better things to happen last year was being forced to stay closer to home and rediscover some of the local gems around me. The options are endless; from the mountains to the coast, there is so much to discover. I want to be a tourist in my home state!


I will push myself outside of my comfort zone a bit more this year.  Whether it be visiting a destination that I hadn’t considered before, sampling authentic cuisine, or mingling with the locals, I will seek new experiences.  One of the things I love most about traveling is getting to try things that I normally don’t at home, but sometimes it is easier to stick to something that I already know and love.  This is my reminder to leave the comfort zone at home, and that travel is about learning new things and making new memories.


Resort worker happy to be back to work after months of shut down.

It goes without saying; the travel industry took a direct hit last year.  Coastal towns and tropical islands, which rely heavily on tourism, need significant help to recover. When looking at destinations for my upcoming trips, I will seek out places that felt the greatest impact.  On a recent trip to Mexico, the resort’s employees and staff were happy to be working again.  Months of shut down took a toll on people’s ability to provide for themselves and their families. I hope with some extra support; these places will be open and thriving again soon.


If 2020 has taught us anything, it is not to take our ability to travel for granted. So, when it is safe to travel in 2021, I will say yes to any opportunity I get.  Life is short, and we never know what lies ahead.  So, let this past year be a constant reminder to get out and explore any chance you can. The best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones is to see the world together, strengthen your bond, and create lifelong memories.  

So there you have it, my top travel resolutions for the new year! I am ready to get out there and explore again. I’m curious, have you started making travel plans for 2021 yet, and if so, which of my travel resolutions will you adapt into your plans?

And as always,

Live. Laugh. Travel.

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